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The hotel is open year-round. Please contact us for any queries 02 48 54 22 44

CONTACT US 02 48 54 22 44



Excursions and hiking trails

Distance from the hotel


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Our region is the perfect place for those in search of a little escapism: experience the great outdoors thanks to beautiful, natural landscapes on the banks of the Royal River.

With Sancerre as your starting point, set off for a walk along the banks of the Loire and along the Route des Vins with its stunning viewpoints.

The Tourist Office for the Greater Sancerre region advises on numerous walking and hiking trails, starting from Sancerre, as well as a wide range of leisure activities.

Follow the wine route and soak up the gorgeous views and landscapes, or opt for a hiking trail, mountain biking or horse riding (the region has so many itineraries to offer with something to suit all levels).

Wind your way through the hillside vineyards before heading back down to the lowlands for a walk along the river, side canal and locks or through quaint villages on the “La Loire à Vélo” itineraries. If you’re not in the mood for a bike ride then there are plenty of other options: canoeing, hot air ballooning, paragliding, fishing, golfing and treasure trails, to name but a few. There really is something to suit all tastes and all ages!

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